Lighthouse China Foundation

In China there are
3 million orphans
in 40,000 orphanages.
James 1:27 calls us;
This is our response.

The Orphanages & The Kids

We're currently working with 3 orphanages in Henan, China.

Orphanage #1

We are excited to partner with an orphanage in Henan Province, China. This orphanage was founded in 2005 by a Chinese man who saw the need and acted in love. The orphanage was started under the principle of being a blessing to these precious kids who need a loving environment to grow up in. At last check, there were 21 children living at this orphanage.

Orphanage #2

In the winter of 2012-2013 we began supporting a second orphanage in Henan province with funding to purchase the heating coal they needed to make it through the cold months. This orphanage is in good hands with an excellent Director who is making sure the 23 kids she cares for are growing and learning well.

Orphanage #3

This orphanage is a special place mostly for kids who have been impacted by the HIV/AIDS crisis in this part of China. Some have lost one or both parents to the disease. We are not currently supporting them on a monthly basis. but support them with special one-time projects, such as providing a bookcase and books for them to add to their library. We believe there are currently around 20 children at this orphanage.

About Lighthouse
China Foundation

Who are we and why do we do what we do?
Our response to the call to care for orphans.

OUR MISSION IS TO LIVE JAMES 1:27 by partnering with Chinese people to care for orphans. Lighthouse China Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation formed in 2012 to help raise money to assist Chinese nationals in caring for orphans. We desire to see Chinese nationals provide for the needs around them, allowing them to be a light in their local communities.

HOW IT ALL BEGAN: From Kansas to China. 
In 2011, a group of 12 people from the Newton, Kansas area spent ten days in China with the purpose of serving Chinese orphans. This was a life-changing experience that opened our eyes to being a more consistent, long-term help to orphanages in China.

WHAT HAPPENS TO AN ORPHAN IN CHINA AT AGE 14? In China, children “age out” of the orphanage at 14 years old. They are then no longer eligible to be adopted and the orphanage no longer receives government funds to care for them. You can imagine the atrocities that can possibly await them at this time. They risk being sent out on the streets to face a hard life trying to provide for themselves any way possible. This could include getting involved in crime to provide a living. Some are even human-trafficked. Fortunately, some of these “older orphans” end up in private orphanages, where they can continue receiving the care they need. We desire to help these older orphans transition into a productive life by providing for their immediate needs and job skills training.

OUR VISION TO SERVE CHINA’S ORPHANS: Our mission statement says it clearly: “We will seek to work with, assist and support Chinese Nationals in providing a family, love and care to orphaned Chinese children and young adults, and to provide the skills needed to help them live a productive life.”

Our Team

Lighthouse China Foundation is led by our Board of Directors, who receive no compensation,
allowing maximum funding to go directly to the orphanages we support.
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Chris Lakey

President of the Board
Chris brings a heart for serving Chinas orphans, along with 17 years of advertising and marketing experience to help with ministry awareness and fundraising.
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Kerry Czarnowsky

Vice-President of the Board
Kerry serves as Vice-President and has a servants heart to do whatever she can to help those less fortunate.
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Tami Lakey

Treasurer of the Board
Tami serves as Treasurer. As a mom to six, four adopted from China, she has had a passion to serve Chinese orphans almost since her first adoption trip in 2006.
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Mike Czarnowsky

Voting Member of the Board
Mike serves as a Voting Member of the Board. He has a degree in business finance and a deep desire to use material blessings to be a blessing to orphans.
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Julie Friesen

Secretary of the Board
Julie serves as Secretary of the Board. After teaching in Asia and working with International Students Stateside, Julie has a passion to be a blessing to the Nations.

A father to the fatherless...

We asked the Director of Orphanage #1 why he cares for orphans.

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