Orphanage #3


We met the kids at this orphanage at the camp some of our Board attended in 2011, and two of our Board Members paid them a visit to check out their orphanage first hand in the spring of 2012. This orphanage is a special home mostly for kids who have been impacted by the HIV/AIDS crisis in this part of China. Some have lost one or both parents to the disease.<br><br>

ABOUT THE CHILDREN: At the time of our last visit, this orphanage was home to around 20 children, mostly teenagers.<br><br>

HOW YOU CAN HELP: This is a unique orphanage in the fact that we are not supporting them on a monthly basis. but have supported with special one-time projects. For example, we have provided a bookcase and books for them to add to their library.<br><br>

We hope to develop further opportunities to continue building our relationship with this orphanage Director and the kids who are there.

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