Orphanage #1


We are excited to partner with this orphanage in Henan Province, China. This orphanage was founded in 2005 by a Chinese man who saw the need and acted in love. The orphanage was started under the principle of being a blessing to these precious kids who need a loving environment to grow up in.

ABOUT THE CHILDREN: This orphanage is home to 21 children, eight girls and thirteen boys, ranging in age from 10 to 18 years old, and the children come from six counties in the Henan province of China. After the children moved into the orphanage, all of them have experienced dramatic changes as a result of the love they have been shown. The children are well loved and are growing accordingly. But there is great need.

THE NEEDS: Although the children are growing up in a loving environment, there are many needs. Most important is a better home and more nutritious meals. Their current lease is expiring soon, and they will need a place with more room for their 21 children. Your donation will help provide more nutritions meals, replacing their current meals that consist mostly of rice noodles in water. Imagine eating that 3 times a day.

WILL YOU HELP? The home DOES NOT RECEIVE ANY GOVERNMENTAL FUNDING. They have made due the best that they can with irregular donations from some local friends of the orphanage. But with more and more of the children attending high school and middle school, their costs for schooling have increased. There are also more children wanting to move into the home but they do not have the room for them at this time.

The children have been having meals consisting mostly of noodles in water. They rarely have any vegetables or meat, due to cost. We desire to assist them to be able to provide healthy, safe meals. Your donation will help provide meals, schooling costs and a home for these orphans. We also desire to be able to grow in the future, giving more and more orphans the opportunity to have a safe, loving home to develop into the people they are meant to become.

URGENT NEED: The home currently leases a building on 4.8 acres, but the lease is expiring and the landlord does not want to renew the contract. An urgent need is to find a new place for the home.

A PLACE TO CALL HOME: They desire to have a place that the children can consider and call their home forever. They also would like the new location to be big enough that they can take in more orphans who are in need of a loving, safe place to live. We have just recently started a building fund to help this orphanage build a better home and care for even more orphans. Stay tuned as we share more details about this exciting opportunity.

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